Drivers need reminder

Wooden crossing guards at Parkway Elementary help remind drivers of 30 km/h speed limit

I would like to comment on the article with Parkway Elementary School principal Kelly Jones. First of all, I want to say thank you for putting up the crossing guards on Kinney Avenue.

I am a regular who drives past the school on my way home from work between 11:15 a.m. and noon, three out of the five school days. This is a reminder for myself to drive slow when I get to the school speed limit sign coming from the Channel Parkway. I get angry when I see other drivers opposite me going faster then the posted 30 km/h speed limit.

You mentioned the “speed reader board” being used on Warren Avenue this past year. I use that way sometimes, and what I did notice is the drivers “slowed” down on the side coming from the Channel Parkway entrance as the reader board was on that side, but the other side coming from Cherry Lane mall direction did not have a reader sign and drivers were not slowing down. If you plan to use these signs, it will have to be used in both directions, just a suggestion. As you said, some drivers will look down at their speed and slow down and some drivers won’t for whatever reason.

For me, having these crossing guards at the school is a reminder and a good idea. The reader board(s) of course is another good suggestion.

Dawn Hanson