Efforts deserve our appreciation

Too many of us take for granted the wonderful organizations who do so much work in this community

I read the letter in the paper from Cass Robinson with respect to “Cause for celebration.” It’s always wonderfully refreshing to see someone taking the time to give kudos to someone who volunteers their time tirelessly for the benefit of the community.

I feel there are way too many of us who take for granted the wonderful organizations, charities and associations who do so much work in this community to help make it not only a great tourist destination, but a wonderful place to live.

Coming here after 35 years in a cold and impersonal large city, I immediately recognized that this is a community, not just a city. There is warmth, camaraderie, compassion and a wonderful spirit of community here — and that’s what keeps me in Penticton. We have so many wonderful events going on all year around, that unless you really don’t want to do something, you can’t say “I have nothing to do” here.

With that said, I too would like to thank Laurel Burnham for all her years of dedicated service to the Canada Day celebrations. I was saddened to hear that this will be her last year and wish to say that she will be missed. Hearing that and reading the letter today reminded me that far too often we neglect to say thank you to our volunteers. Not only from the community as a whole, but from the organization itself.

Sometimes you get so comfortable and confident that they will always be there, you forget that some form of acknowledgement is appreciated — no matter how long you’ve been doing it — even if it’s just a handshake and a “job well done, thank you.” Just to let them know you haven’t forgotten all the hard work they do and your heartfelt appreciation of it.

As the chairman of the non-profit group Giving Others A Boost, I try very hard to acknowledge the hard work and kindness of our volunteers and supporters because I know that without them, there would be no Giving Others A Boost. So, if there’s anyone out there to whom I have missed saying thank you, I do so now on behalf of not only my organization, but as a proud resident of the City of Penticton as well.

Why don’t you join me and send in your thank you to a special person who goes above and beyond the call of duty for our community or to an organization who has made a difference. Kudos to all of you.

Dianne McEvoy, chairman of the board


Giving Others A Boost Association