Election results disappoint

I am disappointed that more newcomers in the running for council were not voted onto council.

Needless to say, I am very sad to see that Julius Bloomfield missed out being our new mayor, and by only 146 votes. Should there not be a recount?

I am disappointed that more newcomers in the running for council were not voted onto council. The timing was right to do this; to clean out the old and to begin with the new. Wake up Penticton! It’s time to stop being sheeple — people who act like sheep.

I am also sad that Burga Black was not elected to council. Along with her qualification and wit, she would have been a visual and physical reminder to council and to the people of Penticton, to never forget seniors’ needs in our area; that it is not only the young we should consider.

I am happy to see Wes Hopkin voted onto council. He seems to be the best and brightest youth representative, with sensible plans for Penticton’s future. Although it is noble to dream of local jobs for our youth, in my time – the ‘50s and ‘60s – it was a given thing that youth had to leave small towns and go to big cities to find jobs and careers. Should it be any different now? And why?

In the future, I hope to see a First Nations individual elected to Penticton’s city council.

I am hoping to see Garry Litke elected as our mayor at the next municipal election.

In summary, as I see it, the new council should focus on the following: Support and help grow the businesses that are here already, and have been here for many years, with the end result being that they would, in return, hire more local people — young and old alike. Cultivate the high-tech industries to set up shops in Penticton, perhaps another Silicon Valley (North) here. Help create comfortable lives for our seniors — ie. lower taxes, affordable housing for all. Build on our tourism. Keep prisons out of the Okanagan, period. Re-create a friendlier, more inclusive and more compatible working relationship with the First Nations people of Penticton. If Osoyoos and Westbank can do it, why not Penticton?

Then I think we will finally have a municipal government, for the people and for business. And that’s how I see it.

Laara Branzsen