Ellis Creek degradation

Creek's natural habitat removed in place of a steep-sided, dangerous-looking drop-off along the settling pond

One has to ask what was in the minds of those who made the decision to turn the part of Ellis Creek between the Industrial Avenue bridge and the river channel into something resembling Hiroshima Flats.

Back in the 1970s we used to live on Fairford Drive and went each year to see the kokanee that used to spawn in the small stretch of Ellis Creek over the road from the bridge. It was also not uncommon to see herons fishing along the part that ran into the channel. Not any more.

Some time ago a settling pond was put in to prevent the silting up of the river channel, and the rip rap put across Ellis Creek put an end to the few kokanee that still used to spawn. However, most of the original vegetation remained and there was access to take the silt out of the settling basin.

Now someone has taken it in to their mind to remove every single vestige of what was left of the natural habitat and leave a steep-sided, dangerous-looking drop-off along the settling pond.

Having seen what my sister went through when her three-year-old toddled off, and in a matter of a few minutes was drowned in a similar steep-sided hole that a neighbour had dug in preparation for a backyard ornamental pool, I trust this hazard will be quickly corrected.

Also, why was it necessary to rip out every shred of the habitation that had existed for years instead of just removing any invasive species? Surely those responsible can do a better job than this?

Brian Sutch