Energy powers voting decision

All Canadians regardless of their background should be asking what will Alberta do, not what Quebec would do.

Had Dion won the 2008 the election he would have launched the second National Energy Policy against Alberta. NEP 2 would also have added the pain and suffering to Saskatchewan — an oil and gas producing “have” province.

Note: Alberta and Saskatchewan are the only two “have provinces” in Canada; believe me, they are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of carrying the load for the majority — the millions of free loaders that refuse to pull their weight. The free ride attitude is a Liberal and NDP initiative. The free ride has convinced millions of eastern Canadians that the west (aka Alberta) would always pay the bills forever. Guess what? Those days are over.

Within a few hours after Dion made his announcement, 65 per cent of Albertans would have voted to abandon the Canadian Titanic. Many of the young people in the poll were born after the 1980 NEP wiped out 434,000 Alberta jobs. In those days Alberta had a population of 2.5 million.

Dion’s NEP2 would have taxed every man, woman and child in Alberta and Saskatchewan at $6,000 annually, while taxing all other Canadians at $1,300 to pay for his green shaft. He would also have taken hundreds of billions of dollars out of Alberta and Saskatchewan in oil and gas taxes and royalties.

Trudeau’s original NEP scammed more that $100 billion from Alberta to pay for foreign oil imported into Ontario and Quebec. The great tragedy for Canada was that the Trudeau Liberals failed to realize they should have asked the people of Alberta for their permission before they fraudulently removed that resource. Natural resources belong to the provinces, not the federal government.

In 1988, the author of the book Uneasy Patriots asked Marc Lalonde, Trudeau’s energy minister, why he and Trudeau launched the NEP. He replied, “the NEP was actually not about oil and gas, rather, it was about bringing Alberta down to size.” What many Canadians, from Winnipeg to St. John’s, fail to appreciate is the NEP was actually the final nails in the Canadian coffin. A Liberal victory in this election will see Alberta independent within 365 days of May 2. Saskatchewan would soon join Alberta. The Peace River district, (B.C.’s oil and gas region), would soon join Alberta. On any given day 60 per cent of the Peace folks would join Alberta overnight.

Penticton and the South Okanagan is the strongest Conservative region in Canada. All Conservatives should get out to vote; vote for the Penticton boy who can win. He will make us proud. A victory for the Liberals, NDP or Greens will encourage the Bloc in Quebec to launch another referendum against a weaker Canada.

Ernie Slump