Energy program will turn council into bankers

It is in regional interest to keep our history alive and place the Sicamous on a secure financial footing

Penticton reached a milestone when Clifford Martin organized rallies, wrote letters and demanded responsible spending of our tax dollars.

Up-front money received from the West Bench water deal was to be raided to feed the waterfront revitalization project.

Now that issue is settled council has announced they intend to become bankers. (Western Nov. 21)

I understand the climate action committee needs to justify their time but council would be better dealing with their mandate instead of inventing new tasks such as banking. Council’s mandate for usage of tax dollars is public safety, local services and community infrastructure including water, sewer, roads, fire, etc.

Banking loans are easily available to homeowners. Plus federal and provincial governments regularly enter into energy saving retrofits providing grants in the process. Additionally, the provincial government has a job creation program.

There were several letters to the editor supporting lakeside revitalization from the outlying regions, including West Bench residents. The people of the RDOS showed significant interest in this project and some according to their letters to the editor actually provided ideas to council on this project.

A major part of the lakeside revitalization project was an upgrading of the area around the Sicamous. Council’s purpose I believe was to alleviate the financial problems of this historical monument to our regional history and stop the constant flow of Penticton tax dollars on an annual basis.

Why, when this is a significant part of the history of the entire region, is not the RDOS involved in contributing with ideas and tax dollars? Naramata; West Bench, OK Falls, Kaleden, Heritage Hills, etc.: All have a stake in the history of this region, and the RDOS should have been forking out some cold hard cash to fund that interest and those ideas RDOS residents eagerly put forward in the waterfront revitalization project.

It is in regional interest to keep our history alive and place the Sicamous on a secure financial footing. Penticton taxpayers should not be alone in bearing the burden to keep this ship afloat.

It is apparent from the waterfront revitalization project that RDOS taxpayers expect to have their say as to how Penticton city council spends Penticton tax dollars on water frontage.

Well RDOS directors, when your residential citizens contribute comment, spend time and express interest in Penticton waterfront revitalization, it is time you start contributing their tax dollars to fund their share of costs.

Elvena Slump