Enhance what we have

Penticton shouldn't make major changes to beaches which already rank as among the best in the world

Let us not forget that Penticton enjoys an envied location between two lakes. Last year, our beaches received acclaim from TripAdvisor as second only to the vast beaches at Tofino.

I believe such an honour has more to do with the authentic nature of the beaches than with plazas and commercial amenities. We would be wise to keep that authenticity in mind while deciding on the improvements to be made to the beach along Lakeshore Drive.

The award-winning beach on Lake Okanagan provides an old-school, authentic experience to residents and visitors alike, whether they are beach goers, pedestrians, on bikes or in vehicles. If there is $1.2 million in grant funding for beachside improvements, let it be used to truly enhance what already exists, rather than as seed money to incur unwanted public debt.

Pati Hill