Evolution just a made up story

The article about monogamy and how it was evolved is bunk! Evolution is still nothing but a fantasy, a fairy tale.

(re: Infanticide leads to monogamy, Opinion, Western News, Aug. 2)

The article about monogamy and how it was evolved is bunk! Evolution is still nothing but a fantasy, a fairy tale.

The fossil record has so many gaps they constantly guess and make up their own ideas and call them fact.

Evolution can’t even get out of the water. They have a few theories of how life began and neither can they prove. They have been riddled with problems and hoax finds. It is funny when they claim a missing link only to find it is still alive.

I often joke that the difference between a missing link and a new species is 20 feet of dirt. Evolutionists have found pieces of bones and have come up with elaborate stories on what it was and preach it as fact.

Evolution is not a science and real science exists without it, although it is still forced on sciences. It is a religion that passes itself off as a science. There is so much disputable information on it that it’s mind boggling how people still believe in it.

Going back to monogamy, being evolved makes me laugh at how they came to this conclusion. It must be true; after all, a program proves it right? So someone creates the software (creator) then programs it with the parameters that they set which gets them the results they hoped for.

Not science but more gimmickry. Evolution is all about parameters set by those who are involved. It is this or that because we say it is. This is not science. Just because someone says it is fact, does not make it so.

Just because someone can make an elaborate story about monogamy or a piece of bone does not make it fact. Or a fossil, which is proof of a dead animal, and they come up with what it ate, how it lived and all taught as fact.

Evolution has not been proven! It is pushed as so, but it is not in the least fact. Anything unchallenged or researched can easily manipulate, this applies to anything in life.

It really takes far more faith to believe in evolution than anything else. It’s easier to believe that garden gnomes come to life at night or elves helped the shoe maker.

So dead cells came to life, somehow mutated to a point where they eventually crawled out of the ocean. But wait those that formed on land didn’t like it so they decided to go back to the ocean.

After many visits to the water their offspring started to mutate, which allowed them to return to the ocean. The more you think on it the more ridiculous it gets.

David Mercier