Faith restored

Recent letters should serve to help get people thinking about important subjects

I haven’t been reading the letters or writing any for some time after my last experience, in which someone actually called me at home to call me names, as he didn’t agree with my opinion.

I was starting to wonder about some of the folks that live here, as I am not a native Pentictonite.  Well, my faith has been restored.

A special kudos to Eva Durance, whose “Wildlife should be respected” letter hit the nail on the head.  Sad to say Eva, I was a duck feeder (no longer, and long before your letter). You are correct though in noting that it is mostly our ignorance.  Perhaps a Wildlife Tips pamphlet should be prepared for tourists as well as locals.

Ron Evans and Cody Young — great letters.  I hope it gets some people thinking and rethinking.  After all, isn’t this forum made for that purpose?

Gladys Kusmack