Farmers should provide for workers

It is extremely nice of Mr. Sardinha to rally for financial support from the farmers when every earlier attempt made has fallen on deaf ears. After all, it should be entirely the responsibility of the orchards to provide shelter and humane living conditions for the seasonal workers.

Please, in these times of economic restraint with the HST already having shifted the main tax load onto the consumer, it is not fair to expect the taxpayer to finance this campground project.

Are the people of Osoyoos aware of all the hidden costs involved? Now we are talking about a campground manager? Who is providing security and liability insurance? And what about next year?

Our essential social programs are being cut on a daily basis, parking meters in the publicly financed hospital yard and the list goes on.

To all the bleeding hearts that have made it their priority to help the orchards in avoiding their financial responsibility, please get your priorities straight. The free handouts are over and the government’s purse is closed.

If you are looking to help I will suggest for you good Samaritans to take the initiative and start your own fundraisers to finance the costs and quit running to the taxpayer. Only once you have shown that you are truly dedicated to your cause and have raised the finances yourself, then it will be the right time for you to proceed.

I have suggested an “adopt a potty” or “adopt a picker” program for everyone working on this project, but when it comes down to reality, nobody is willing to do anything.

Fruit growers need to start taking responsibility for their workers, not us. They are the ones that need to provide for their workers with decent housing for humane living conditions, not us.

Robert Fisher