Fighting a losing battle

Letter writer misses the mark in attack on efforts to legalize marijuana

Re: The letter (May 18) of Charles Stewart against legalization of marijuana.

Mr Stewart sets himself up as holier than thou, saying we should be ashamed of our selves if we don’t think as he does. Furthermore, he believes that any former Vancouver mayors, B.C. premiers, and/or attorney generals should “automatically” be investigated retroactively for possible legal actions involving the drug trade. I think he should be investigated for possible libel actions involving his letter and not retroactively.

He also seems to feel superior to “a vast majority” who want to be irresponsible after possible legislation. How about an analogy to liquor legislation? Are a vast majority irresponsible now, compared to the times of the prohibition booze trade?

Suggesting that we all will take time off work, etc., to smoke pot, invites another analogy — to cigarette smoking. A lot of people literally smoke themselves to death, and still manage to work without taking time off to smoke. As to the entire globe calling B.C. morons for daring to mention legal pot, has Mr. Stewart never heard of Portugal’s decriminalization, or that a couple American states have done the same?

Medical marijuana also comes in for moral judgment. How does Mr. Stewart know that most people who use it can live just fine without it? Has he taken a survey of all those people and their needs? All in all, a truly condescending outlook.

Joy Lang