Finding fault with revitalization

Penticton's downtown area and beachfront areas are in fact sitting atop a land bridge

I am prompted to write this letter after reading about and observing all the malay regarding downtown revitalization and waterfront revitalization here in Peach City.

I think it’s time some sensibilities surged to the forefront when considering the spending of millions on revitalization that will not last and will end up costing lives.

At this time I will remind people of the now decades-old study UBC did on Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake while in search of the illusive Ogopogo. It was found that Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake are in fact joined beneath the city.

The entire downtown area and beachfront areas are in fact sitting atop a land bridge and nothing else exists beneath us except a great cavern filled with water. One strong earthquake is all it will take to destroy downtown and both beachfronts as the land bridge will split and everything will sink into the new lake formation.

I will also draw people’s attention at this time to the fact historical records suggest we are due for a major earthquake soon and the entire Okanagan Valley sits right atop a major continental fault line.

I’m left to ask the questions, are we to irresponsibly develop these areas only to end up sifting debris and dead bodies from the waters like Japan did, or are we going to be responsible and focus our developments on more safe and sound areas for the future. Definitely food for thought.

If we spend millions developing these areas it will all be in vain when the big one comes, as it surely will. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. I will also state at this time that it should be a matter of public opinion that those who sit on council should already know what the people’s majority consensus on development is before even bothering to take the position of councillor or mayor. It should not take countless of our hours holding public demonstrations and meetings to make our voices heard.

The positions of councillors and mayor should be filled by those in the know who live here in town and regularly mix with people to keep up to date on the general consensus of the people.

It should be in the mandate of the paid positions for councillors and mayor to make weekly if not daily calls upon the general public in person to make sure they fill their council positions properly. I’m left to quote one councillor: “How many times have I heard in the last couple of weeks that angle parking is so important? We would never have known that without the thousands of responses.”

Well now, councillors that are properly in the know for the position would not have to wait for any input on such matters.

Chuck Stewart