Fire victims need support

April 30 fire in Oliver leaves more than 30 displaced from homes

Re: Oliver Fire April 30, where more than 30 seniors were displaced from their homes with little more than that was on their back.

I did not know these people except for the parents of a couple who reside above us. Fortunately there were no injuries and that’s by the grace of God.

I know what they are going through because we too have lost everything with no insurance, unfortunately. I spent only four months in the VGH Burn Unit, realizing it could have been so much worse. I think it is for this reason that I am asking our community to show the compassion, which was once shown to me.

I keep hitting brick walls when asking how I can help and everybody needs documentation. These people need bedding, linen, toiletries, pots and pans, bare necessities to try and start their lives over in the mid 70s (it can’t be easy). If anyone has been through this before, please contact the Western News with some ideas where we can help these senior citizens get through their difficult time. Let’s show them that there are still caring and compassionate people living in our society today.

From a burn victim who survived a house fire and would not have made it without the help and the compassion of the community.

Marc Roberge