Fortis rates flaunt Charter

Affordable ome heating just a much a right as any other protected by law

Funny when it comes to the real fundamental values in Canada, a fog comes to them in power.

Take the  Canadian Charter of Rights, no not many know their rights.

Fortis and the government in the way it decided to penalize the poor who have to use baseboard heaters to keep body and soul warm, now have to pay a hell of a lot more because of the amount of power they have to use.

Does this mean people driving gas burning vehicles will at some point have to pay a king’s ransom for the privilege of driving them?

Going back to the Canadian Charter of Rights, yes the Charter says that Canadians are treated equal, yet I say not, the premier of this province and her government certainly does not put this into practice.

We need to bring this fundamental fact to the forefront in this province, before we have people dying through the winter months in one of the coldest countries, trying to keep warm by other means, which will cause untold fires, loss of life through hypothermia.

All this will do is cause misery to thousands of people, Christy Clark, do a U-turn for the good of the people of B.C., find other ways of trimming the fat.

B.C. was built on cheap power. Double dip from the rich, not people living in mobile homes and trailer parks that do not have propane to heat them.

I suggest that every one in this province come out and protest on a set date and time, outside all the Fortis office buildings.

Had this been a gay, lesbian, bullying or race issue, the people would have dammed this government.

Let not one person die this winter.

Ron Robertson