Garden growing strong

Penticton Community Gardens sees an outpouring of generosity from local business

Thank you for highlighting our growing garden (Expansion takes root at garden, May 11). We are still vaguely in shock at the outpouring of kindness and generosity from local businesses.

Rital Enterprises and Carl Chretien donated many hours to the impeccable preparation of the site with irrigation trenching, leveling and construction of the amazing rock retaining wall. Steve Tolnai at Structurlam donated the beautiful fir lumber that went into making the raised beds while Ken at Growers Supply donated all the irrigation material, which Carlos kindly installed. Roxy at Sandstone Landscaping donated a truckload of luscious steer manure and Jack at Superior Peat donated a second truckload of equally luscious peat. Mike at Westminster Rentals was generous and beyond patient with us — as was Jeff at City Parks. The city has been kind and supportive from the day they agreed to expand our lease area. The Community Foundation of the South Okanagan generously approved funding to allow us to fence the area and Mike Oman erected the fence for the cost of materials alone. OK Builders supplied stakes to fix the garden beds and Rona and Home Hardware both contributed gift cards allowing us to pick up those unexpected but necessary incidentals. Garden member and gifted carpenter David A. Mariani constructed the 25 raised garden beds in spare moments over the winter and acted as a brilliant project manager throughout. Gardeners Pat Bennet and Rebecca Ogden contributed from the outset in too many ways to list here.

It is incredible to think that the failure of any one of these amazing individuals and companies along the way would have stymied us completely. That everyone went so far above and beyond for us — and for 25 happy new gardeners — is simply amazing. Thank you all so much, for so much.

I hate to digress, but as I have become a world class pleader, I just can’t seem to help myself: The new garden has a stack of framing lumber destined for shed construction, but we are in desperate need of roofing, siding and flooring material. If you have any such thing lying round just collecting dust, please call David at 250-487-1268 or Carol at 250-496-5226.

Carol Allen, president


Penticton Community Gardens