Generosity in store

Staff and students of Okanagan Falls Elementary School benefit from donation by Ravi Tiwana of the OK Falls Market

Staff and students of Okanagan Falls Elementary School wish to express their gratitude for the kind donation made on behalf of Ravi Tiwana of the OK Falls Market.

Mr. Tiwana is a real example of the truism “It takes a community to raise a child” as he took the time, interest and efforts to find a relevant way to enrich our school community.

This 2012/2013 school year we have made changes to our intermediate fine arts programming with goals to build upon 21st century learning within the B.C. Education Plan. We are keen to begin using the latest technology such as Smartboards (which we are thrilled to have in all our OKF classrooms), laptops (roaming class sets) and photography (new initiative).

Mr. Tiwana showed his interest and support toward these project initiatives by graciously offering to purchase a class set of digital cameras, which will be dynamic tools to help develop photography skills and affinities in our students.

Thanks to Mr. Tiwana and his family business, this generous gift will enable students to engage in enriching project-based learning activities in their community while fostering fine arts and technology skills to assist them as community citizens and global learners.

In gratitude to Mr. Tirana and the OK Falls Market,

Lisa McCall, principal


Okanagan Falls Elementary School