Going to the dogs

I applaud council on the foresight of identifying the needs of dogs and their owners

So often it is easy to point out shortcomings of our municipal council on many major issues. This time I applaud council on the foresight of identifying the needs of dogs and their owners. The recently established dog-oriented parks are well used and well accepted by both owners and dogs alike. Very seldom is there a dog park without some activity. The parks seem to be well used.

The recent expansion of the park near the City Yards is a case in point. Recently, a light was added to give more visibility at night thereby increasing the usage.

The addition of a run area for small dogs is also appreciated. It seems that some of the smaller dogs in with some of the larger dogs were getting playfully bowled over unintentionally by the larger dogs. Hence, the area for small dogs is a good idea. However, having said that, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that some larger dog owners seem to think that the small dog area is a free-for-all area even though there is a small dog sign and a gate.

Many times I have passed the area and have seen small dogs in the large dog area and large dogs in the small dog area. One might surmise that the small dog area has no dogs in it at the time so it is “open sesame” for any dogs. Common sense, begs the question be asked as to why there is a gate between the two areas and why is an area designated for small dogs?

The human animal is somewhat strange at times. It seems to interpret posted signs in its own way. For instance, areas designated as loading zones are parked in by drivers with the logic that there is nothing being unloaded at the time so I can park there. Designated parking spots for drivers with disabilities seem to be a favourite as well, as many physically able drivers occupy these spots because it happens to be convenient for them and they are presently unoccupied.

Most larger dog owners are considerate of the sign, gate and small dog area irrespective of the fact that area might be devoid of small dogs. It’s a small group of unthinking, self-indulgent, selfish large dog owners that I am referring to. Show some consideration for your fellow dog owners, be they large or small dog owners. Remember, the parks were designed to accommodate all dogs, not just a few, and that they were set up with a definite pattern for use.

Ron Barillaro