Government out of control

Renewable resources, especially forestry, have been sadly neglected since the Liberals were elected

“At the end of the day, what have you?” is a favourite saying of Christy Clark.

If she is talking about the significant amounts of money the B.C. government received from the sale of gas and oil permits, the answer is “nothing.” All of it went into general funds for the budget, with nothing left for the future as those non-renewable resources are used.

She is now saying that some money would be put aside for the future — maybe.

As for renewable resources, they, especially forestry, have been sadly neglected starting with Gordon Campbell and continued by Rich Coleman and on to the present. The forest ministry is a mere shadow of its former self.

Forestry has been and should continue to be an important part of B.C.’s economy as a valuable, sustainable resource.

The inventory is sadly out of date; too many logs have been shipped out of country; scaling and checking of logging practices is minimal.

This is a vital resource for many reasons — to help retain soil, ease spring run-off, for fish habitat, for wildlife and for recreation and tourism values. Long neglect will (perhaps has) create a barren time when harvesting would be wanted on land set aside for no logging because of other values.

It takes time for trees to grow — they are not an instant crop in B.C. but it is the sad story of 10 years of Liberal government.

Furthermore, any government that assigns a budget number to a university, then after the budget is set, cuts four per cent of the funding, is a government which is operating out of control. It is hypocrisy to behave in such a manner.

Sheila White