Grateful for quality care

Penticton Regional Hospital could set a new precedent for all of British Columbia’s health care services

After spending most of my time in hospital since the third week of September, I have come to the firm conclusion that there is something special lurking in Penticton Regional Hospital that I believe could set a new precedent for all of British Columbia’s health care services.

Having worked extremely dangerous careers all my life, there is not many B.C. hospitals that I have not either been a patient at, or visited coworkers that have been a patient at them, and I find that Interior Health and Penticton Regional Hospital have something special going on that I have not witnessed at any other facility in British Columbia, including the more “well to do” facilities on the Lower Mainland.

That something special I refer to is the ambiance of the quality of care. Not only is there an extremely high degree of professionalism displayed in the works of every department from the townships first responders to everyone else, there is a degree of compassionate care I have as of yet to witness anywhere else.

The mixture of professionalism and compassionate care ranges through all departments producing an effect to the patients that leaves them feeling strong and happy in knowing they are indeed getting the best possible treatment they can get and that feeling alone also aids the patients in their individualized healing processes as well.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my doctor, John Hughes, for his extremely professional and compassionate care, keeping together an excellent level of a treatment plan for me. I also extend my gratitude to the UBC residents that worked my case, jobs extremely well done.

To Dr. David Kincaide, many thanks for your diligence and excellent professionalism. To Dr. Pinsonneault, your surgery is nothing less than magical, thank you for a job extremely well done.

I would also like to extend a huge thank you to the owners and operators of Medi-Chair Penticton for going above and beyond the call of duty once hearing of my demise. Lastly, but not in the least, I would also like to extend a deep heartfelt thank you to Kevin Proteau of Locals Supporting Locals Okanagan Chapter for being there as a friend and helping me with the various errands I needed to run that I could not take care of.

Charles Wallace Stewart