Higher fees in the bag

Penticton taxpayers should not be asked to pay more to protect the workers of a private company

Our sincere thanks to our Penticton city council for standing up for the taxpayers of this city. It is not our concern to look after the well-being of the employees of a private company that is hired on contract by us.

It is up to BFI to do the very same.

If we spend $75 per year on garbage bags and BFI would enable us to rent those containers for the same amount, I would have cheered.

But for BFI to charge much more and make a profit on top of the regular contract fee reminds me of something else.

Once a country is run by corporations which are able to use elected officials to change laws in their favour and not us the taxpayer, it reeks of fascism.

It’s plain and simple. We as Canadians only need to look across our southern border to see this very same pattern.

Robert Eichmuller