Horses not being abused

Horse drawn carriage rides in Penticton given clean bill of health.

(re: Horse carriage rides a nuisance, Western News, Aug. 2)

I have some answers for December.

The deal with having horse drawn carriages along Lakeshore Drive is simple, people enjoy it.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out and the City of Penticton approved it. Your use of words, like forced and animal abuse, insulting and not based on any facts.

The SPCA have been to the site and checked out the horses. In their words they aren’t even breaking a lather.

The whole operation was looked at and given a clean bill of health.

Here we have something that brings joy to the faces of children and tourists alike. The longest rides are 40 minutes then they rest.

Great job if you can get it. After each ride the horse is hosed down and rubbed.

They have custom made shoes made for that horse.

I felt compelled to say something on this matter because your letter has been in other newspapers.

These are draft horses, they were meant to pull. Those so called heavy loads, what?

That would be like me pulling a little red wagon down the street. I for one, along with many more, will enjoy having the horses in Penticton.

We are lucky to have them. Negativity, that’s what I see when I read your letter. Penticton is a wonderful place and now it’s even more wonderful thanks to Penticton Carriage Rides.

I found that letter offensive.

Not just to the owner of the rides but to the people of Penticton.

I for one have looked into this matter and have found nothing wrong.

They are getting exercise and fresh air and doing what they actually enjoy doing, pulling.

The girl is trying to make a living so she can continue to care and feed the horses. Abuse, I think not.

I have seen abused horses and been on a few rescues. These horses are not being abused, period.

Linda Lou Ross