Impressed by program

I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the Good Samaritan Adult Day Care program

A few months ago, I was referred to the Good Samaritan Adult Day Care program through Kimberly from Interior Health Home Care. The program takes place every week day (Monday to Friday) and is held at Village by the Station.

So far, I have attended once a week for about six weeks now and am writing today to express my gratitude and appreciation for this fantastic program.

I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with every aspect of the program, from the activities to the food (we are given lunch as well as morning coffee) to the wonderful, organized, hard-working staff. The bus drivers who pick us up in the morning and deliver us back home at the end of the day are particularly noteworthy in their professional and attentive skills. I always feel safe when aboard the bus.

The varied activities we take part in have been fun and informative and the food has been excellent.  I honestly don’t know how they can afford to keep this program going, as the quality of everything has been so superior.

I would highly recommend this day program to any senior who is looking to meet people, stay active and be interested in all this wonderful world has to offer. Thanks to Good Samaritan. It has been a very enjoyable experience for me. I would also like to make special mention of Jean Kearney who coordinates the program and of Sandy who helps with the personal care aspects of the program.

Joe Nowicki