In defence of cats

I am writing in response to the letter of May 25 regarding free roaming cats causing carnage in city. Carnage? Really?

I am sure I speak for lovers of all living creatures that finding a dead one is certainly very upsetting.

The issue of cats and a bylaw, however, is another matter. Having lived in Winnipeg where there is a cat bylaw, I can only say that there is many a cat that has hung itself because of being tied and unsupervised. It is (in my opinion) a stupid bylaw.

People have resorted to using poisons to kill the mice and other unwanted critters from their sheds or woodpiles or whatever, and seem to have no second thoughts about the ramifications of this. A dead critter from poison will be picked at by birds and results in bird death. Not to mention a slow painful death by both. This is OK?

Cats unfortunately do kill birds. They also kill numerous insects, mice and other “so called” vermin. A cat is a hunter, plain and simple. The victim at least knows instinctively that the cat is after it.

What will be the issue when the bird population is unchecked by cats or other larger birds? Will the next letter to the editor be about the bird poop on flowers and cars and decks? Need I go on?

The May 25 letter mentions the cat versus garden issue. May I suggest using screening in your garden. Cats do not like the feeling in their toes. The letter also makes reference to cat versus dog freedom. Dogs in general are a lot larger, are more likely to be hit by cars. My only concern when I see a loose dog, is whether it is lost or not.

There will always be an issue concerning animals, whether it is the geese, the deer, the cats, whatever. Just remember the planet is not made for man alone.

Gladys Kusmack