Independent garners support

Sean Upshaw, the independent candidate, represents a fabulous opportunity for Okanagan Coquihalla and Canada.

One of the headlines I saw today described Stephen Harper as nasty, brutish — and competent. Many of the people I speak with don’t like Stephen Harper or his demeanor, and they question his honesty. At the same time, it seems that most people would rather see Stephen Harper represent our country on an international stage than any other party leader. At home, even though his approach is often clandestine and sometimes suspect, he still captures the tag ‘competent’.

Sean Upshaw is a card-carrying Tory. He wanted to be the Tory candidate in the Okanagan Coquihalla riding. That didn’t happen. Sean Upshaw has some challenges with how the Harper government has conducted itself in the past on some issues, but he insists ‘good government can never be accomplished if good people don’t devote themselves to engaging in public life’. I think things happen for a reason.

Sean Upshaw is a ‘conservative’ candidate. If elected as an independent, he doesn’t have to tow any party line — he can say what he wants to whomever he wants. He could represent the people of Okanagan Coquihalla without fear of being inhibited by the muzzles that usually accompany official party candidates. He could be the ‘voice in the background’… the squeaky wheel that lends a moral voice to the majority government. My understanding is that, if elected, he intends to sit as a Conservative member of Parliament.

Sean Upshaw is 50 years old. He has the benefit of experience that can only be captured with time. He has a business history as well as a record of serving others. He claims to be a listener who leads. I say the constituents of Okanagan Coquihalla have a wonderful opportunity to send a genuine representative of the people to Ottawa to make a difference. Who knows, some of his words might just rub off on others in Ottawa.

I am not related to Mr. Upshaw, nor do I know him that well. My experience to date, however, is that he is a gentle, honest, caring person.

I’m going to support Sean Upshaw — the guy who has the courage to run as an independent to make a difference in Ottawa, not just for the Okanagan Coquihalla constituency but for the nation.

Jim Fry