Insurance changes coming

ICBC is undertaking a provincewide consultation process on premiums for basic vehicle insurance coverage

Your reader’s call that lower-risk drivers should pay less for their auto insurance, while higher-risk drivers should pay more, could not have come at a more appropriate time.

ICBC is currently undertaking a provincewide consultation and engagement process to inform our customers and stakeholders about updating the way we set premiums for basic vehicle insurance coverage.

We need to change the structure of basic premiums so we can clearly identify higher-risk drivers. Currently, some higher-risk drivers receive the same discount as lower-risk drivers. With the changes we’re considering, about two-thirds of drivers could pay less than they do today, and about one-third of drivers could pay more.

We are listening and want feedback from British Columbians on potential options to create a fairer basic vehicle insurance system. We’ve created a number of ways for people to participate, including public open houses, stakeholder meetings, a discussion guide and feedback form, an online forum and webinar, and written submissions.

We encourage all of your readers to visit to make their voice heard on the changes we’re considering.

Kellee Irwin


ICBC vice-president, personal insurance