IODE still going strong

Money for charitable efforts are raised by the volunteer staff of the IODE Thrift Shop

It all began in the Maritimes in 1900 but soon reached the western shores of British Columbia and in 1927, the Diamond Jubilee Chapter received its proclamation.

Education was the primary role, making sure our youth had higher learning. In fact, one lad went all the way through university, eventually earning his PhD with the help of the IODE.

Today, our role encompasses youth, seniors and those in need. Scholarships are given each year to graduating students from Pen High and Princess Margaret, and bursaries and scholarships granted to women attending Okanagan College. Not to be forgotten are the Penticton School of Dance and The Academy of Music students.

The SS Sicamous now has a handicap washroom, paid for by the Diamond Jubilee Chapter. Even the SPCA benefitted — stainless steel water bowls were supplied them as well as an air conditioner. The beautiful Rose Garden also receives funds from the chapter each year and, if you look closely, you will notice the IODE Garden between the Rose Garden and parking lot.

The Senior Centre in OK Falls received a complete new kitchen through the Mary Emerson Trust Fund; also the Village by the Station on Hastings now has the Snoozelin Room which greatly aids those with Alzheimers. The Penticton Retirement Centre was awarded automatic doors from the Mary Emerson Trust Fund.

The library has been aided in purchasing reference books, large print books and videos and, most recently, two Daisy Readers for the visually impaired. The Atkinson Museum was aided in setting up a turn-of-the century classroom and continues to receive funds each year.

All monies for these are raised by the volunteer staff of the IODE Thrift Shop at 464 Main St. Hours of operation are 1-4 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

Denise Kadatz


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