Ivan McLelland book a golden read

Penticton author Ivan McLelland an inspiration and marvelous ambassador for the country.

My wife and I moved to Penticton this summer and from the local library I read a book titled Gold Mine to Gold Medal and Beyond by local resident Ivan McLelland.

The book is a great inspiration for anybody who aspires to be the best they can, be it sports or whatever you do best. It’s a book I couldn’t put down.

About a small town team that accomplished one of the biggest victory’s Canada has ever achieved in hockey, when few people outside Penticton gave them much of a chance. It’s also about life, living a dream and overcoming hurdles.

Gold Mine to Gold Medal and Beyond is not only a marvelous ambassador for Penticton but the entire country, as is the person who penned it. Here’s hoping your wish comes true Ivan, and I’m sure the Alzheimer’s Society would agree.

Myles and Joanie Green