Kitten abandoned

Cat had to be put down after someone abandoned it in the street

One day my mother and I were walking to the movie theatre and we came along a kitten just sitting on the road crying. You could see the suffering in its eyes.

After we got back from the movies we decided to take it home. We bathed it and fed it, thinking we were going to be able to get it into the SPCA. The SPCA stated that they could not take the cat and would not even get involved in saving this cat. So we started looking for a new home for the cat, of course we would have to take it to the vet first.

When we took it to the vet, the clinic charged us $66 just to look at the kitten. We found out the kitten had a kidney blockage from not drinking. The cat had to be put down a day later.

I just want to inform people of the damages you do when you desert your cat on the street. It would have saved me and my mother a lot of grief. He was only one year old. You could have just saved this kitten’s life if you did not leave it on the street. All it needed was water.

Paige Prosser