Kudos to Albas

Liberal gives credit to Conservative MP for honouring pledge not to reopen abortion debate

Congratulations to MP Dan Albas for standing up to pressure from his Alliance/Reform colleagues and voting against reopening the abortion debate. By doing so, Albas was the only Harper Conservative in this area to honour his party’s campaign pledge.

Unfortunately, 10 cabinet ministers from Mr. Albas’ party (including their own minister for the status of women) ignored that campaign pledge and voted to undermine Canadian women’s rights over their own bodies. And there is every indication the anti-women movement within the Harper Conservatives will soon try again with another private member’s motion.

As a Liberal, I would rather see progressive social policy initiatives from our MPs — ideas like Quebec’s subsidized child care, which actually yields an economic benefit by allowing women to join the workforce.

As a citizen, I would ask Mr. Albas to cast some light on the shadowy Canada Europe Trade Agreement. Please let us know what Harper’s back-room negotiators are offering.

Bob Nicholson