Latest report confirms climate change a hoax

As I said some 20 years ago, global warming was no more than hot air.

Hurray, we have postponed the global warming catastrophe.

The critics of global warming where right after all, by pointing out the shortcomings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, who were fixing the temperatures, to suit their purpose.

Finally, the IPCC in East Anglia, has admitted, that all their climate computer models are wrong. The globe is warming less than expected and it is actually cooling for the last 20 years.

This is how it is, if you start with the wrong programming, the whole climate scenario is down the tube.

As I said some 20 years ago in The Herald, global warming was no more than hot air.

Of course, the experts in East Anglia like to tell us, that they have made a mistake.

Unfortunately, the global warming concept is no mistake; it was supposed to be the basis for a business model, concocted from a movie from the 1970s on global warming, of how to make a lot of money.

Just imagine the billions or probably trillions of dollars spent on alternative energy. Inefficient solar panels and wind propellers that cost outrageous amounts of money.

All the subsidies from the government for these installations, all down the drain.

The devices have driven up the production cost in the entire world and those countries who have implemented this costly energy have priced themselves out of the market. One could call this grand mistake a shot in the foot.

Just imagine the entire green movement that came into being on the basis of global warming now have lost the foundation of their existence.

Do not get me wrong, I like clean air and clean water and I am all for some regulations to keep these necessities clean, but why did they all have to lie to the public.

It would have been much easier to convince the public to come on the bandwagon by telling them the truth that we have to do something to protect life on the planet.

All these lies about our carbon footprint, the amount of tonnage of carbon dioxide  each one of us produces yearly, all sucked out of the thumb.

However, compared to the trillion-dollar lie, bird flu, swine flu and some other lies, this lie is only chicken feed.

Otto Sturhahn