Legalizing marijuana not the solution

Considering it’s already legal for medical purposes, I’m left wondering what more do people want

A lot of people confuse marijuana with hemp. B.C. bud has little to do with industrial hemp. Although the two are related, most industrial products come from hemp, not marijuana.

It’s been my observation that this confusion has been wrongly used to advocate pot, when in actual fact hemp and pot have little to do with one another. A lot of those who advocate industrial hemp use it as an excuse to smoke pot, which in turn gives hemp a bad name. If this continues, we will most likely not see the use of industrial hemp surge to the forefront in our lifetimes and people who advocate one as an excuse for the other should really feel ashamed of themselves. Especially considering the possible world-altering implications of hemp if it came into full industrial use.

If people took the time to fully research pot and its side effects and hemp and its uses and the relations between the two, they would be ashamed of themselves, given the data they study is from a reputable, non-biased source. Legalization is a bad idea, and as far as I think, those of past or current power, position or authority endorsing its legalization today should automatically be investigated retroactively for possible illegal actions involving the drug trade.

It’s not a substance for everyone and I think it’s past due time for a fully commissioned investigation into the substance so all the misconceptions about it can be put to rest and also doctors can be educated on its proper medicinal uses as well. In my opinion, too many people are receiving medical licences who do not need the substance to function and most are irresponsible with it. Irresponsibility (or the want of it) is one of the substance’s main side effects.

Legalization will have a vast majority of society wanting to be irresponsible or succumbing to the inherent side effect of people losing their sense of personal integrity from prolonged irresponsibility. I’m left to ask, just how is that going to be helpful?

Considering it’s already legal for medical purposes, I’m left wondering what more do people want. Should we all have 420 everyday, take time off work or even pull over in our travels to do so? The entire nation of Canada and the entire globe is looking at B.C. and saying: “Look at those morons, they would rather sit around and smoke their pot and beg for it to be legal instead of actually doing the work required to make their province a better place by adhering to the law and encouraging each other to do so.” Once again, B.C. shows its lack of integrity to the world.

So there are no misconceptions about my experience, I use it for medical purposes occasionally. I am, after all, spinal cord injured and a victim of severe traumas. I use it in only small amounts once in a while to alleviate certain symptoms. I don’t smoke big fat joints all day, every day, such is not proper use in my opinion, although for some individuals it might be but only in rare cases. I can live just fine without it and I’m sure a large percentage of the people that use it can live just fine without it as well. It’s past due time to get real.

When I first tried it, it scared me so I looked into it in depth and detail. I feel more people should develop the personal integrity to do the same. It’s not a substance for everyone, and given its side effects, it should in no way be available to adults as a legal substance like alcohol. Look at what booze has done for us, nothing positive but kill millions and fuel government/corporate corruptions. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, not repeat them over and over, only slightly different each time.

There are times for absolutes, especially when it comes to our health and our social concerns that can have long-term impact such as this. This is a drug, and like all other drugs, it should be prescribed by a learned physician only and not be left up to just anyone to self-medicate outside of the judicial and medical processes.

Charles W. Stewart