LETTER: B.C. is nothing to swoon at

We live in a pretty confusing province that has dismissed many concerns.

We live in a pretty confusing province.

B.C. is a province that is simultaneously wealthy enough to remove upper income tax brackets and too poor to raise welfare and disability assistance rates.

B.C. is a province that enjoys having the strongest economy in the country and has a median salary that is less than the national median.

B.C. is a province that is proud to be sitting on a $2 billion surplus and is unashamed about under-funding schools to the point of closure.

B.C. is a province that cares about the environment and climate change and pushes for the revival of a dying industry through LNG.

And now after nearly 15 years of dismissing concerns, an exciting new $500 million investment has been announced within eight months of a provincial election to address the hot button issue of affordable housing.

I hope you’ll forgive me for not swooning — this isn’t the kind of heroic intervention that makes me weak at the knees.

Bowinn Ma

North Vancouver