Letter to the editor

Letter: Build up, not out

Former Singapore resident supports Main St. five-storey building

I am Jasveer, originally from Singapore City. I would like to encourage the city’s proposal to increase the affordable housing project to five storeys. Growing up in Singapore, this city went from the third world and advanced to a first world city in less than half a lifetime of its citizens.

People were moved into affordable housing that was developed for the betterment of its citizens for their future. That was the first key step for its citizens.

Here in Penticton, the same issue is at hand. Building up is more cost effective for affordable housing, just like it was in Singapore. The environmental aspect of development should not take place only when we are forced to face its impacts, such as in the case of Singapore, where building up precedes over building out.

The people who require affordable housing cannot afford the building out, impacts and costs borne by the people who can afford them. The same members of society therefore should not reject the motion of the addition of the affordable units which are more essential to the secondary issues associated with it.

I hope City and Council will move forward with a five storey affordable housing unit. Always plan ahead. Thank you.

Jasveer Singh Bal