LETTER: Camping truths

Response to Kathy Michaels column that was in the Penticton Western News.

Kathy Michaels in her column (Penticton Western News, Aug. 26, Headline grab for camping woes) derided the desires of ordinary citizens wanting to go camping.

These people found it almost impossible to do so, as tourist-type businesses book so many sites so fast. Kathy called some would-be campers “fellow capitalists,” when the real “capitalists” are the scalpers who profit from our public parks while doing nothing to enhance them.

For some strange reason Kathy seems to think people shouldn’t camp in our wilderness parks as long as we have a homelessness problem. Perhaps we shouldn’t live in houses or apartments for the same reason.

She calls locals camping needs/wants of “little actual importance,” saying her backyard is good enough for her family. What about families who live in apartments or otherwise don’t have such a yard?

Even if people do have a yard, years later, grown-up kids aren’t going to harken back with fondness to the times they had supper outside, at home, instead of discovering nature in another part of the province.

Joy Lang