Letter: Canada and U.S. as best pals

Letter: Canada and U.S. as best pals

Canada stays squarely positioned behind the American empire.

We are their biggest trading partner and best pal. We even gave them their funniest comedians.

There has been the odd misstep. Like staying friends with Castro. Like selling wheat to the Chinese Army. Like not sending troops to share the American triumph in Iraq. Small potatoes.

Mostly, we’re reliable.

We went in on the Kosovo bust-up, did some spare work in Afghanistan, helped bump Libya off, gave a quick nod to the Venezuelan oil rip-off and just lately helped the Organization of American States give the kiss-off to Evo Morales in Bolivia.

Canada has been America’s great little powder monkey providing supplies and expertise to advance the American empire in war and diplomacy.

Yes, Canada has been ever ready to hold the bully’s coat in whatever punch-up he takes a mind to.

So far, it has worked pretty well.

So far.

Dave Cursons