LETTER: Come together to save Skaha Park

I am associated with a second group to save Skaha Park and we believe in transparency, truth and proof of facts

I am associated with a second group to save Skaha Park and we believe in transparency, truth and proof of facts.

I will endeavour to answer all your questions, including the Save Skaha Park Society board, at any time and that is transparency.

Please, show your support for both groups by supporting the public rally in Gyro Park at 4:45 p.m. on Sept. 6 and not have a divided community.

I was disappointed to read the paid advertisements placed in newspapers, by SSPS last Friday, distancing them from our lawsuit.  Through emails,  I have tried  to work with SSPS over 10 months, including a special meeting last Wednesday, of which they were a no show. As a member of SSPS, members are currently receiving their information from the media first.

Over the last 10 months, I have advised SSPS many times of my information prior to the media, but they have not been reciprocal. I waited over 10 months, after a few meetings with SSPS to follow the rules of court, before I filed my civil claim.

It is similar to their claim because it was important to include some of their correct facts, but my claim is much more comprehensive. A free copy of both claims is available from us, pentictoncares@gmail.com and please look at these facts. You will see, I have 22 pages versus their 11, with 29 legal reference points in law versus their 11, stated at part 3: Legal Basis. At part 2: Relief Sought, they ask for “ultra vires” which means “beyond power” on only Resolution No. 347/2015, which then council could bring back up shortly thereafter another resolution, like a hotel or another commercial development.

We ask for five different “reliefs sought” that covers a much wider scope and to stop all future commercial development. I am not “muddying the waters” but clarifying points in law. Please review the community charter, Division 2 s.84-88, 175[2] and Local Government Act s.169-171 for further information on a referendum. When we are successful in our court action, which will legally cancel existing agreements, a public referendum would be required for any Skaha Park development,  in conjunction with bylaw #2002-42 and Chapters four and eight of bylaw #2011-23. We will engage with City of Penticton and/or SSPS at any reasonable time.

Nelson Meikle