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Letter: Concerns over proposed development in Naramata Bench

Dear editor,

I am writing to you to voice my concerns over the proposed develop site at (1050 Spiller Road). After residing in Vancouver and North Vancouver for 34 years, my husband and I decided to move to a quieter, more peaceful, unpopulated area, with more green space, less traffic and more property space, and purchased a four-acre vineyard in Naramata.

We have enjoyed our 13 years here so far, but have noticed way more traffic on our only single lane Naramata Rd., loss of green space when looking east up into the hills above us, and less wildlife sighted.

The thoughts of having to contend with a very large subdivision on the Bench, more cars and people, road work, unsightly view, etc. is not what I want here.

Now the orchard at 880 Naramata Rd. has been replaced with hills of dirt for the last two years. A winery with vineyard decision would be acceptable but certainly not 300+ homes and double the cars. Heaven forbid we Naramatians have to pick up and leave in case of a forest fire in our area with only our one lane road to evacuate us. We would never get out alive. Also, delays if anyone in Naramata needed an ambulance from Penticton to Naramata and return and be stopped, delayed or detoured due to any upcoming roadwork for this site.

I hope the Penticton mayor and council members now take a good look at this new proposal and see how this will impact us Naramatians in a very negative way.

Let’s keep the Naramata Bench beautiful, and peaceful with its green hills and bluffs, and not ‘suburbia’. I urge everyone to ‘get the word out’ to all those who will be affected by this ridiculous scheme.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Barbara Smallwood, Naramata.

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