LETTER: Do we want alcohol in all aspects of our lives?

Ask Pathways how that is working out for people, says letter writer


The sun is providing a little more heat ,trees are putting on their green and everyone is ready to burst out of that bubble.

Perhaps this is the time for a sober reflection before we just go for it.

Over the past few years local governments have been easing the regulations on alcohol and it’s sale.

It started, here in Penticton, with designated areas in parks, for consumption , then the request to carry opened alcohol from location to location, then a request to sell liquor in a park, then a request to have a licensed restaurant in Skaha Park. With the Vending Hub idea offered up for the parks , just what will they eventually be selling? Alcohol ?

The latest brain child is restaurants offering picnics with booze to go. While I understand the attraction to businesses, take a moment to think about this further step.

Think of the emergency services that are now picking up the pieces of people behaving badly.

Now we have an application to open a brewery beside the KVR trail.

Do you want alcohol to be involved in every aspect of your daily life? Ask Pathways how well that works out.

Lynn Crassweller,