LETTER: Dog control

We live in a rural area of Summerland surrounded by orchards.

We live in a rural area of Summerland surrounded by orchards.

People in our area allow their dogs to roam free around their properties.

One day I got an unannounced knock on the door from the animal control people telling me my dog must always be tied up and basically trying to tell me how I should be raising my dog. I explained that we have a 13-year-old dog that has been unleashed for his whole life and have not had a problem. Well, the dog control person got mad at me and informed me how to raise my dog. I believe it was a power trip.

Next thing I know my dog has gone missing and we can’t find her. This is very unusual as she never leaves the property. We searched the area and asked the nearby neighbours and nobody had seen her.

I then remembered the animal control person and thought I would call her. Sure enough they came and took our dog. I was furious and asked why they did not call us and was told that they were too busy. Here is a member of our family missing and animal control is too busy to call us.

When I go to pick up the dog I was hit with a bunch of fines and it costing me $100 to get our dog back. By this time, I am doing everything I can to restrain myself. I pay the $100 and my dog came out on a thick leash and being treated unacceptable in my eyes.

I was shown a photograph of my dog on the road that I believe shows animal control lured my dog out onto the road in front of a truck. My dog being car smart sees the truck and turns her head.

This is unacceptable behavior from a person employed by the City of Penticton. There should be severe disciplinary action taken by the city to make sure this does not happen to others.

Anyone else that has had problems with animal control please report it as something needs to be done. Or contact me at pmono@shaw.ca.

Paul b. Monaghan