Letter: Enabling homelessness

Letter: Enabling homelessness

Continuing the conversation on homelessness

Re: “Documentary on Homelessness…” Friday, Nov. 30, 2018.

Although this writer may have his heart in the right place I disagree that there is no one on the street who is not homeless by choice. Especially when you often see strapping young men begging under a help wanted sign.

I believe our so-called homeless problem can be summed up in two words; the charter. In the U.S. it’s their constitution.

Our charter gives these layabouts the “freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of assembly” etc. thereby making it impossible to move them along as police used to do prior to the charter for loitering, panhandling and vagrancy.

Old-timers will tell you at the very height of the great depression there were no beggars on the street. Sure, the poor may have come to your back door for money or food, but only if you gave them a chore to do. With the current state of our society pouring millions into enablers for these people they have, and never will have any incentive or motivation to remove themselves from the sad and pathetic cycle they are in.

Mark Roberts