LETTER: Excellent column

Reader applauds Western News journalist's column on terrorist attacks

I want to recognize the Penticton Western News and Dale Boyd for his excellent column in the Nov. 20th article Terrorist attacks haven’t become the routine.

Seldom does one read such a balanced, articulate, factual and all encompassing article on this topic. I so identified with his paragraph on the man whose wife was killed in the Paris attacks; I too was moved my the man’s refusal to let hate dictate his life. He showed more courage and strength in his poignant comment, “you will not have my hatred” than all the fear mongers after the attacks.

I was dumbfounded that the Global National news covered nothing else for whole week. How prescient that Mr. Boyd observed that Beirut suicide bombings will “likely become a footnote”; not to mention attacks in Mali, Nigeria and elsewhere. And, what a powerful observation he made in his statement that “those cautioning against refugees, you are racist, keeping in mind that Muslim is a faith not a race.”

Keep up the fight, and today it is just that, for good journalism Dale and the courageous Western News.

Laurie Rockwell, Summerland