Letter: Finish downtown revitalization

Letter: Finish downtown revitalization

Last three blocks of Main Street need some love

Please allow me to start by saying that overall, I am happy with this new mayor and council so far. They seem to be taking the city in the right direction and seem to have a good understanding regarding what the important issues are that we face here in Penticton.

One thing I was hoping for from the ‘Group of Seven’ is the continuation of the downtown revitalization plan. I would love to see the remaining three blocks have something done so that it does not look like a half-finished project.

We don’t have to get fancy and narrow the road, or put in fancy bricks, or raised intersections. New sidewalks, curbs, lamp standards, and a repaving job would suffice quite nicely. The cost would be a fraction of the price for the first three blocks.

Just a little something extra to mull over as you enter budget talks for 2020. This is something I would really like to see come to fruition.

Mark Billesberger