LETTER: Focus on solutions

Current statistics portray a woeful picture about homelessness indeed.

Current statistics portray a woeful picture about homelessness indeed.

Here are some of the latest findings; One-quarter of homeless are children, 80 per cent of homeless youth are using drugs, more than 90 per cent of homeless are woman who are victims of severe physical or sexual abuse, 50 per cent of young people report their parents knew they were leaving but did not care, 40 per cent are sexually abused, 41 per cent are abandoned by their parents. Many are runaways and HIV rates for homeless are three to nine times higher then normal.

The main causes for homelessness stem from physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Homelessness costs the government $1 billion each year. I am totally convinced that the root causes of these problems need to be addressed first. One sure way to lend help is by the likes of the Abbotsford Life Recovery Association who do make a big difference in the lives of desperate souls. Life recovery supplies housing and demand clients to attend educational classes each week for three months. Another three months of housing is provided for those who do need it. Then there is the second stage housing program for one year so that clients can find themselves a job and housing for themselves.

Such programs are notably successful in addressing the root problems of struggling souls. Encouraging the homeless to continue wallowing in their unhealthy noxious conditions by feeding them periodically is not the way to go. Finding ways to get them off the street and help to start living a more healthy lifestyle is.

That’s where our focus should be. Don’t you agree?

Gertie Pool