Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Hazardous road situation

The hazard is caused by road markings

I write to alert the driving public of a hazardous road situation on Kinney Avenue — hopefully, too, my letter will get the attention of the responsible city bureaucrat who can easily eliminate the hazard with the proper use of a little paint.

The hazard is caused by road markings that, if followed, could lead to a driver driving into a high curb. Driving from west to east on Kinney Avenue, and approaching the intersection of Kinney and Skaha Lake Road, the yellow centre line road marking rightfully guides a driver safely to the intersection; the white curb-side road marking however guides a driver into a high curb. A short distance before the intersection the unpainted sidewalk curb swings to the left (north) and squeezes into the driving lane; perversely, just before the curb swings left the white road marking swings to the right (south) into the curb.

In daylight, or on a clear night, this stupid bit of road marking would be of little or no concern, however, on a dark and rainy night it is of great concern. With oncoming car headlights shining into a driver’s eyes, a wet windshield and a black unseeable road surface, he/she may be unable to see the yellow centre line and therefore must rely instead on the white curb-side road marking for visual clues. A driver following such visual cues will slam into the curb at a 40 degree angle. Several tire scuff marks on the curb indicate that some drivers have in the past hit the curb at this point.

Drivers beware! City bureaucrat, take corrective action and eliminate this road hazard.

Donald F. Deeprose