Letter: Help is out there for Penticton students

All it takes is for the school to make a request the services of Pathways Addictions Resource Centre.

I am writing this letter in response to an article (Penticton Western News, Oct. 28, Parent writes letter concerned about kids drug use).

Pathways Addictions Resource Centre would like all parents and community members to know that we offer substance use education programs in the schools to students, teachers and parent advisory groups.

Along with educational programs, Pathways also offers counselling for youth and their families if they have concerns about substance use. School counsellors, administrators, teachers, and/or parents just need to contact Victoria Monkman at Pathways 250-492-0400 or victoriamonkman@pathwaysaddictions.ca to discuss what their students and schools may need in regards to substance use prevention education. Pathways also provides special sessions for students who have been identified as using alcohol or drugs at school.

All it takes is for the school to make a request for our services.  Pathways has been providing services to youth through to adults for 42 years and all of our services are free of charge.

Daryl Meyers

Agency Director, Pathways Addictions Resource Centre