Letter: Holding the City of Penticton accountable

There are other ways to make the city accountable and we are here as a group for the long run.

I was somewhat concerned when I received the press release that was issued by our new City Communications Officer on Oct. 14 at 4:46 p.m., after city hall was closed.

This was our Thanksgiving long weekend when many seniors share this valuable time with their siblings and grandchildren, away from Penticton and as retired people, most likely stay a few extra days. I believe this was another set up by the city to receive an incomplete engagement with the residents on the subject of “infrastructure challenge,” that is far too complicated for the average Penticton resident to fully understand in a few days. He omitted from this press release that the seniors meeting was on Tuesday at their centre on South Main Street.

Looks like nothing has changed at the city with new people. I missed attending the senior’s meeting because I did not know about it and I believe the other three main Penticton media outlets most likely missed it also if they received the same press release as I did. When will Penticton residents receive what we pay for and that is accountable people in city hall?

No one can expect to receive “engagement” on this important issue in a few days and then have our new “engagement” person report to council three days after the completion of these four meetings. That is why only about 100 residents showed up at these three meetings I attended. Too early, too fast and wrong timing, but what else is new?

Many of us that are keeping a close eye on the City of Penticton staff, mayor and council, believe this is just a smoke screen to cover up their mistakes on the other important issues that we have been trying to get answers on since this mayor and council took office. However, there are other ways to make them accountable on all our important city issues and we are here as a group for the long run.

Nelson Meikle