LETTER: Hurray for Sayeed

If Tarik Sayeed has the stamina to stand for what is right he could spawn a rewarding political career.

As to the upcoming meeting of the UBCM, I would like to understand the democratic procedure behind the fact that at last years meeting the recall issue was voted on and passed and nothing was done about it, because someone who was a staff member was against the issue.

Since when did a staff member or members have the power to go against the vote, no matter how close it was.

I sent an email to Tarik Sayeed, a Penticton councillor which eluded to the statement he made on wishing he had the Delorian from Back to the Future, so he could go back and make changes. Hurray for Mr. Sayeed, someone with some sense of the democratic process. This is your chance. You would think that with an election looming in the spring Provincial Minister Fastbender would be all over this as a platform for re-election.

I can tell you, Mr. Tarik Sayeed if he has the stamina to stand up for what he belies to be right and democratic could very well spawn a very rewarding political career.

Len Swartz