LETTER: Learn to engage with the public

We should all thank former Penticton mayor, Jake Kimberly, for his descriptions for mayor and city clerk.

We should all thank former mayor, Jake Kimberly (Penticton Western News, Aug. 12, letters to the editor: Nothing surprises me out of city hall) for his very clear job description for mayor and city clerk.

Needless to say  these duplications must cease as we can ill afford the luxury for  our mayor to  avoid having to ‘‘engage” with a troublesome public.

We surely have enough upper management and staff  costing taxpayers a bundle without cluttering the field with more. It would seem the present group is not engaged enough to pull their weight.

Our esteemed mayor seems to have enough time to be at  every photo opportunity. but not for reading the editorials.

Mr. Mayor please admit your faux pas, apologize to your electorate, drop the Skaha Lake waterslide arrangement with Trio and the equally ill-advised parking meters in every corner.

Thank you.

Angela Dowling