LETTER: Major watersides closing should be a clincher

What further evidence does mayor and council need to see this project simply will not work

A major waterslide in Alberta recently closed its doors after 34 years, and now Splashdown park in Tsawassen is closing its doors after 33 years.

What further evidence does mayor and council need to see this project simply will not work? It will provide summer jobs for students at best, and like the others, it will not take long before the maintenance and health upkeep costs become so high, entry fees will have to rise to cover the cost, to the point where nobody can afford to attend (except for the one per cent and city managers).

Who, by the way, would be responsible for the maintenance for this facility, if it ever comes to fruition; Trio Marine or the taxpayers? Was that question ever addressed?

I sincerely hope the city loses in court, because if not, putting this in perspective, I will be 86 years old by the time this lease is up (not counting any extensions) I will never be able to enjoy this green space ever again, because I will most likely be in a retirement home by then being spoon fed.

Maybe the startup business kiosk should have told Trio Marine “This is not the type of business Penticton is really looking for; you would be much better off going to Kelowna or Vernon”

I am trying to think of why mayor and council are so adamant about this project and I can only come up with two theories; there is too much taxpayer money invested in this already (years of planning before this was sprung on us and it would also cost too much to cancel the contract”), or, something dirty is going on. I’ll know it’s the latter if Trio is granted another extension to come up with financing.

Which is it, mayor and council? Please tell us; inquiring minds want to know.

Mark Billesberger