Letter: Marijuana legalization could go up in smoke

Corporate greed could be unfair when marijuana legalized.

To all you fellow human beings out there who may happen to read this — I do hope you will do what’s right and speak out about the unfairness pertaining to this subject.

We have all heard, over the years gone by, the story about those out there trying ever so hard to get our politicians to change the laws pertaining to cannabis/marijuana/or whatever other terms are used.  And now the time appears to be drawing near where it will be made legal.

Now we also know how the employment situation has deteriorated over the years gone by. There is the possibility of at least some employment, for a few more people, when this law is passed.

But, here’s the down side to this whole story. Shopper’s Drug Mart is apparently wanting to become a distributor. They are already a big corporation. They don’t need the money.

Can you just imagine this possibility?  A big corporation such as Shoppers Drug Mart be given the licence to sell legalized cannabis? A big corporation has the financial and likely the political know how, to have this “subject” product grown in a third world country, just so they could obtain the labour at a cheaper rate and rake more money into their already overflowing pockets.  I call this corporate greed. This should not be allowed to happen.

There are too many people out there that just want to earn an income to provide for their families. Can you imagine how much less tax money would have to be spent on law enforcement alone that have been trying to combat this product from being smuggled into our country, and reaching no success?

I say give our people the opportunity of some employment and stop the greed coming down at us from atop those corporate ladders.

Joan Johnson